Who is 6IX4EVER?


Cole Sandford, better known as “Sandy”, from the 6IX4EVER group, brought himself into the light talking about stigmatized subjects such as mental health, and addiction. Addressing these topics in a positive manner has added more depth to their music. Sandy was always driven by creativity, from recreating clothing to visual arts then finally pursuing his passion for music. While starting his music career he would continue to create art as well, his unique style is now displayed on all album covers released. By coincidence he was introduced to Jack Mallette on the first day of high school, and then through association he met Brady Lukas. This was the start of the ground breaking 6IX4EVER!


Jack Mallette, otherwise known as "Jack Jack" from 6IX4EVER made a name for himself by creating some of the most memorable hooks in their discography. As a kid (age twelve), he would resell soda during elementary school, this was just the beginning of his intracranial business journey. Also by creating three youtube channels and spending countless hours in his room, he would fully teach himself how to audio and video edit. Using these tools Jack’s able to bring major contributions to the group. Finally in high school he would meet Cole Sandford and introduce him to Brady Lukas, and as a team they created 6IX4EVER from the ground up.


Brady Lukas, otherwise known as "BurrBrady" in the Hip hop trio 6IX4EVER is known for his punchy delivery, fast flows, and easily recognizable staple "Burr Burr." As a young boy he could always be seen writing stories, singing songs, and dancing around entertaining others. During his teen years Brady found his love for music, photography, fashion, and social media giving him a perfect opportunity to build his brand. Meeting Jack at the young age of four, they quickly learned they shared similar interests, and put them to the test. When the 3 got together it was like magic!

The Story

Their story begins in the first year of high school, where the boys would be introduced to each other. Right away the boys knew they’d get along and proceeded to share ideas and brainstorm about life. Soon after they came up with the bold plan of creating a rap trio, which we now know today as “6IX4EVER.” Jack already had a home studio at the time that he used to record videos for his youtube channel at the time known as “Shotz.” The thought of “why not turn this space into a recording studio” would change their lives forever. They began to record and fell in love immediately. After almost no practice at all, the group would go on to release their first song “2 AM” under the name “un64given.” They always had the dream to create music, they really just needed a push from one another. After the first drop, 6IX4EVER received just as much hate as they did love but this was enough to drive them far forward. Especially with the boys being outcasts during school the hate never fazed them. The group pushed forward and began making studio sessions a daily thing. They would go during lunch breaks, skip school and spend countless hours into the night making music and improving their craft. Many singles came after 2 AM and slowly gained them more and more of a fan base. Songs came out such as “Skrt Off” and received more and more love from people that weren't always supportive. This also came with an official name change to 6IX4EVER and their songs being available on all platforms. They went on to do their first show for a local business, then quickly followed by a local bar. They continued to strengthen their sound and develop an amazing work ethic that would begin to inspire many. Throughout this process the three would further develop their own personas as artists catching the eyes of many different leaders in the industry such as Alan Cross, Universal, and even Sony Entertainment. Single after single, album after album, they finally started to see the results they were looking for. Their numbers would climb on social media and streaming platforms reaching twenty five thousand followers on Instagram and hitting numbers like one hundred thousand plays on their most recent single, “All About Me”. 6IX4EVER went on to start a vlogs series every Sunday that would showcase the behind the scenes of their life, each video getting consistent views. Publications and blogs about the group popped up often and merch that fans could wear to support the group was finally available (all hand done by the member Sandy). What's most impressive about all this is that they did it all on their own. From music, mixing and mastering, video editing, album art, promotion, marketing, film and creation, you name it 6IX4EVER is doing it. Over the five years they have bonded as brothers and have only come to love what they do even more and they have no plan on stopping by the looks of it. Each member of the group would strive to do the best they can to make their dream come true. They said themselves that they want to prove to the people who didn't believe in them wrong, they want to show people that you can do the “impossible” well making a real living doing your passion. 6IX4EVER has become an inspiration to so many kids and teens around the world to break conformities and live life how you truly want to. New projects from the group are always on the way and they're only getting bigger from here on out, so as they love to say “we did it again”.